About Us

Who We are:

In 1986 UNICORP SYSTEMS, Inc. was started in the back of a small house.  What was originally an engineering consulting firm slowly transformed itself into the finest avionics and electrical component repair facility in the country.

UNICORP's reputation has been built over the past 36 years on three things: consistent quality, quick turn times, and low cost.  With a warranty return rate of less than .02%, a one year warranty, average turn times of less than 14 days, and a labor rate around $50 per hour, it's not difficult to see why we have been successful.

The key has been and continues to be customer service.  We were started with the help of a major airline.  Set up initially to function like a 'back shop' for the airline, we ensure that the things most important to an airline, strict adherence to FAA regulations, consistent high quality, and rapid turn times, are the exact things at which we excel.

Today, UNICORP is a leader in the repair of avionics, electrical, communications, and IFE components for many of the major airlines in the United States.  With a staff of 40, UNICORP has been American Airlines' largest volume repair supplier for many years. In all we have the capabilities to repair over 4,000 individual part numbers flying on Boeing 737,757,767,777,787, Airbus, Douglas, Embraer, and Bombardier aircraft.  We currently repair about 30,000 components per year.  In addition to American Airlines, UNICORP supports Southwest Airlines, United, Alaska, Delta, Lufthansa Technik, American Eagle, KLM, and more than 100 other customers worldwide.

We would like to show you how we can help your company reduce inventory levels, monitor component reliability, and lower your component repair costs.  Check out the rest of our website which includes our complete capabilities listing, our FAA, EASA & other certifications, a 'Contact Us' section and other useful information about our company.  Thanks for visiting.

Dig Deeper:

Technical Description

UNICORP is an FAA approved repair station specializing in the test and repair of a wide range of Avionic and Electrical components for Boeing / Airbus / Fokker / Embraer / Bombardier aircraft.  Components include communications equipment, microphones, headsets, handsets, antennas, PCUs, control panels, smoke detectors, lighting equipment, battery chargers, fuel management components, indicators, transmitters, sensors, switches, and others.  UNICORP repairs in excess of three thousand components per month for American Airlines, Southwest, United Airlines, Lufthansa, KLM, SR Technics, Delta, Alaska, Omni, Spirit, American Eagle, Mesa, Garuda, Trans States, Avianca, Embraer, Goodrich, Panasonic, AAR, GECAS, MTU, Mitchell Aircraft, Allegiant, Sun Country, FedEx, UPS, Jet Blue, Copa, Piedmont, and others.

Product Lines

UNICORP currently repairs components originally manufactured by the following:Acme, AIL, Allied Signal, Ametek, Avionique, Avtech, B/E Aerospace, BF Goodrich, Bendix/King, Boeing, C&D Aerospace, Cerberus, Collins, Crane, Custom Component, DSIC, Delco, Dorne & Margolin, Diehl, Eaton, Eldec, ElectroVoice, Elmwood Sensors, Embraer, Fenwal, Fokker, Gables, Garrett, General Electric, Gentex, Grimes, Gull, Hella, Honeywell, Hydra Electric, Jamco, Kidde, Luminator, Matsushita, Page, Panasonic, Plantronics, Radiant, Ragen Data Systems, Rockwell, Sensor Systems, Simmonds, Smith, Sparton, Sunstrand, Shure, Teledyne, Telephonics, Telex, UTC, and others.

Engineering/Technical Resources

UNICORP has a full staff of electrical engineers, software programmers, draftsmen and 30 technicians.

Facilities / Capabilities

Unicorp currently processes approximately 3,000 components per month with a capacity of 7,000+ in our 14,000 sq. ft. facility.

Quality Approvals

EASA  Approved


Ask us about additional approvals or see our website for additional information.

Terms & Warranty


FOB Unicorp's Tulsa OK Facility

Payment of ACCT 1/2% ten days; Net 30 days

Avg. TAT is 15 day ARM

Expedites available upon request


UNICORP SYSTEMS, Inc. warrants all labor performed and its workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date on the 8130-3 tag signed by UNICORP.  OEM warranty will apply on all material. Calibration and Customer Damage are excluded. Customer Damage is defined as any damage to the component that is beyond the normal wear and tear experienced in the component's normal operating environment.